Inmate Worker Program

Jail Direct Line: 419-424-7202

The inmate worker program is offered to requesting non-violent, non-escape risk, convicted misdemeanor and lower level felony offenders. Inmate workers complete inside work details which include custodial work, kitchen work, light maintenance and washing the fleet of deputy patrol cars. Inmate workers are also used to help maintain those areas directly surrounding the Justice Center.

The inmate worker program allows a participating inmate to earn up to five days a month credit off their jail sentence. Participants also receive one extra visitation period on Sundays. Inmates do not earn any wages for participating in the inmate worker program.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office has used inmate workers since opening in 1989. The inmate worker prgram provides the administration an opportunity to save on the custodial and food service labor costs in operating the Justice Center. There are currently eight inmate workers in the inmate worker program.

The inmate worker program is a proactive approach to rehabiliation. An opportunity is provided to allow these inmates to reclaim a sense of pride and accomplishment while giving back to the community.

Prisoner Visitation Schedule